Our Services

Regal manages a number of alternative investment strategies and performs investment management and investment advisory services to a number of Australian Unit Trusts and Cayman Island Companies.

Why invest with Regal?

Regal is an award winning manager in the world today. With an impressive track record our funds have been established to provide investors with exposure to a selection of alternative investment strategies.

Our Role

  1. to actively manage and supervise the Portfolio’s investment
  2. manage the Portfolio’s exposure to markets, Derivatives and cash
  3. provide administrative support to assist and ensure the maintenance of the Fund’s corporate and statutory records
  4. recommendations and investment advice to the Manager in relation to the management of assets of the Fund

Our Vision

Regal fund management will succeed in business only by creating Values for our investors /Shareholders we will build stronger investors relations & create solutions to financial freedom.We focus on achieving strong absolute returns across vary investment circles


We invest using a short/long equity strategy that enables investors to profit from both positive and negative share price movements and to hedge out unwanted risk.